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NDO Media Pro offers a wide range of media services, including dubbing, Subtitling, and more. This page provides you with all our current services with a summary. For more details and full offers of your projects, please contact us. 

NDO Media Pro

Our Services


Our dubbing team has a practical experience of dubbing of more than ten years. We have previously produced many projects for various companies, e.g. Disney, DreamWorks, Sony, Turner, Netflix, By-Deluxe, OSN, Discovery, Quest Arabiya, etc. We do all kinds of dubbing such as Animation, Documentary, Live Action, Games, etc. Including features, series, TV-Programs, promos, and other types. Our creative team has the experience to produce classical Arabic, classical Arabic with Syrian accent, colloquial and hybrid. As for colloquial dubbing, we have teams of translators, directors, and actors to produce dubbing in Egyptian or Syrian dialects.


In NDO Media Pro, Arabic is our mother tongue and we master all its different accents and dialects. That is why we are the first and only destination of many clients who demand accurate and precise Arabic subtitling. Our professional team is always ready to work on new and challenging scripts, where they can excel and sharpen their talents to deliver as competent work as any client can require! We have a well-trained and well-equipped team of professional translators, who know how to deliver excellent and professional English subtitling to our clients.


Our translators have the experience to produce classical Arabic, colloquial (Egyptian and Syrian), or hybrid translations of texts originally written in English, French or other languages. We strive to deliver an accurate translation that meets your deadline and exceeds your expectations.

Voice to text Transcription

At NDO Media Pro we have the most competent transcriptions of English and Arabic languages. Our job will always be to provide you with a professional and efficient transcription service that satisfies you. Our professional team is trained and dedicated to excellence and delivering on time.

Arabic Audio Books

The personality of the narrators themselves can actually enhance the flow and the feel of the story. They help us to create mental pictures of the various situations and characters as well as help us better understand the plot´s emotions. Narrators are very enthusiastic, and they bring the story to life with their voice inflections, humor, mystery, and varied cadence. And all this makes the story an interesting, lively, and fun experience for the listeners!

Voice Over

• We have a large voice-over and talents database of all ages, prints of voices, and types of characters.

Audio Descriptions

We have experienced and creative teams of writers, narrators, directors, quality control officers, and linguists to provide information about actions, characters, scene changes, on-screen text, and other visual content.

Dina Albaraa
CEO & Founder